We provide Prime Internet Fiber Service for SMEs, tailored to your needs with dedicated personal support.

We strive to create an empowering, customer-focused experience that does more than connect devices it connects people, passions, and possibilities.


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Our Client Agree

"I have extensive interaction with your team and have had the opportunity to observe the performance with various tasks and responsibilities. Your commitment to delivering quality products and excellent customer services truly stands out. Your responsiveness and detailed-oriented approach have greatly contributed to our operations and we are grateful for the effort and time you invested in ensuring our satisfaction. Keep up the exceptional work and once again thank you for your exemplary service."

Froilan M. Paculanan

Admin Coordinator - Pacific Online System

"When recommending Blackfiber, I'd

emphasize their impeccable reliability. In the business world, every second counts, and Blackfiber ensures we never miss a beat. Their support team is like having a dedicated IT department at our fingertips."

Job Michael


"Blackfiber has significantly improved our operations. Before the switch, we faced issues with our existing provider, experiencing downtime due to a fiber cut. Blackfiber provided a stable and reliable connection with a sufficient bandwidth."

Ryan P. Luciano

ICT Infrastracture And Support Manager/ISO Marlow Navigation | United Marine Training Center

"Blackfiber's personalized approach truly distinguishes them. They take the time to understand our business, anticipate our needs, and proactively offer solutions. It's a level of service that's hard to find elsewhere."

Sly Manuel

(IT Manager, Zapport Services Inc.)

Our Services ​


We are currently engaged as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering premium connectivity service to our clients with dedicated account management and a reliable 24/7 contact center offering a faster turnaround time and a high Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Blackfiber offers a unique service to companies where a single qualified source of supplier is considered more beneficial and cost-effective than multi-vendor sourcing and expediting all item in one single project.

Telco Redundancy Solutions

-Inside and outside plant installation

-Wireless LAN/ WAN

-Fiber Optic Systems

Electrical and Auxillary

-Building Wiring






We are also an I.T Managed Services Provider (MSP) providing the following to your corporate network:

- Consultation


- Management

- Security

- 24/7 Monitoring Host Services

- Email Hosting

-Web Hosting

-Virtual Private Hosting

-Co-location Services

-Dedicated Server

Beyond Connectivity

"Our aim is to transcend traditional boundaries of internet service." 

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About US

Established in 2013, BlackFiber is an Internet Service Provider that fills a gap that many SMEs and larger corporations find in other ISPs: a real commitment to putting customers needs first. Our founders are all respected professionals and experts in the field of IT and telecommunications. 

They banded together after they noticed that real, true-blue customer service in many other ISPs have much to be improved. As an IT and communications company, BlackFiber seeks to put customers needs at the center of our business, with an iron-clad promise to extend our expertise to customize products and services to each client's requirements

Guaranteed Support

Your dedicated Account Manager is always on standby, ready to address your concerns. 

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How does Blackfiber ensure data security and privacy?

Blackfiber employs industry-standard security measures and strict protocols to ensure data security and privacy, complying with all relevant regulations and standards.


What areas does Blackfiber cover for its services?

Our network primarily spans across Corporate Business Districts (CBDs), ensuring optimal coverage and service in these strategic areas. Additionally, being a telco-neutral company allows us to cater to service requirements across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao through our extensive network of trusted partners. This flexibility enables us to serve a wide range of locations beyond CBDs, meeting the connectivity needs of businesses throughout various regions.


What are the typical installation timelines for Blackfiber's internet services?

 Typical installation timelines for Blackfiber’s internet services depend on the specific service and the complexity of the setup. Our team aims for swift and efficient installations, usually completed within 15-30 days.


Can Blackfiber provide a service-level agreement (SLA) for uptime and performance?

Yes, Blackfiber can provide a service-level agreement (SLA) ensuring uptime and performance metrics for your subscribed services.


Are there any additional fees or hidden charges beyond the subscription cost?

Blackfiber maintains transparent pricing without hidden charges. Additional fees, if any, beyond the subscription cost are communicated upfront.


Does Blackfiber offer dedicated customer support for urgent issues outside regular hours?

Yes, Blackfiber offers dedicated customer support for urgent issues outside regular hours to ensure continuous service and support.


Can I test the internet speed or reliability before committing to a subscription?

Before committing to a subscription, you can visit our data center or request remote testing and conduct internet speed tests to evaluate the reliability and performance of our services.


Are there options for bundling multiple services for cost savings?

Blackfiber offers bundling options for multiple services, providing cost-effective solutions tailored to your business requirements.


Is there an option for a trial period or a money-back guarantee for new subscriptions?

Depending on the service. Details can be discussed with our sales team.